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Ambulatory services


Se non hai mai fatto una risonanza magnetica, un'ecografia, o altri esami di diagnostica per immagini, puoi contattarci senza impegno e ti spiegheremo di cosa si tratta

Per prenotazioni o informazioni:
- telefonicamente al numero 0165 31796
- di persona presso l’Accettazione dello studio
- all’indirizzo e-mail:
L’ambulatorio è aperto dal lunedì al venerdì, dalle ore 8.00 alle ore 19.00

Diagnostic imaging

Our history and our mission…

Technos Medica s.r.l, founded in 2000 by Dr. Giorgio Spezie, began as a practice dedicated to diagnostic imaging that provided high quality service in ultrasounds.

In 2008, with the installation of a latest generation MRI machine from Esaote, the clinic began offering MRI exams. The MRI machine is open, which significantly reduces cases of claustrophobia, and allows the clinic to provide an orthostatic exam, or a weight-bearing exam, allowing a more thorough analysis of the spinal column under the force of gravity.

In 2010 the clinic added a new specialist, Dr. Muraro Emanuele, who provides an excellent service in articular (or joint) ultrasounds, trusted by many athletes. Thanks to the introduction of new high quality equipment, the clinic also provides exams in elastosonography, used to diagnose and evaluate problems of the miotendinuos. In 2011 Dental Radiology and Spinal Imaging where introduced to the repertoire of the clinics services. The quality of our practice and the professionalism of our doctors is guaranteed by our continued investment in new technologies that our keeping up with the evolution of medicine.


The mission of our practice

The principle objective of Technos Media s.r.l is to offer quality and efficient services that are up to date with the evolution of medicine. A qualified staff of specialists, the ample choice of services offered, the functional and comfortable environment, state-of-the-art technology and a welcoming reception that exudes courtesy, efficiency and confidentiality are fundamental characteristics of our clinic to guarantee the satisfaction of our patients.