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Ambulatory services


Se non hai mai fatto una risonanza magnetica, un'ecografia, o altri esami di diagnostica per immagini, puoi contattarci senza impegno e ti spiegheremo di cosa si tratta

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Dental radiology

2D and 3D Combinations

Technos Medica srl has introduced a new Dental radiology machine named, KODAK 90003D that reacts to the diagnostic needs of the most modern dentists, orthodontists and oral surgeons.

This new device allows the observance of the dental structures and the related diseases, combining the classic 2d panoramic technology with a new innovative three dimensional band (cone beam).

Modern and less invasive technology

In comparison to the classic 3D systems, the imaging technology of the KODAK 9000, in accordance with the radiologic principles ALARA (As low as reasonably achievable), drastically diminishes the dose of radiology received by the patients.

One system that combines three technologies, KODAK 9000 is the versatile solution that responds to the many needs of professionals.

- Generates a complete panoramic image of the teeth, the first step to prepare for a specialists visit.
- Offers a series of projective and functional software that allows for a cephalometric analysis.
- Provides three-dimensional “cone beam” images that are extraordinarily defined with low levels of exposure that are anatomically correct.


Evaluate the bone volume and its quality, identify and highlight and anatomical obstacles, take accurate measurements, and to work on a real scale 1:1, and to verify the post-surgical bone integration.


Examine accurately the anatomy of the root and identify anatomical elements in the region of interest as to lay down a protocol for surgery.


Identify the relationship between impacted teeth and the organs to protect, visualize the cysts or periapical lesions, to define a surgical protocol to extract impacted teeth and the removal of cysts or the treatment of periapical lesions.


Identify impacted teeth or those that are out of place, fractures or periapical lesions, determine diseases and visualize the temporomandibular joint.


Diagnose complicated impacted teeth or extra teeth, examine the alveolar bone of the incisors, visualize the temporomandibular joint and evaluate and plan mini-implants.