Discover the advantages of our HEALTH CARDS

La Technos Medica ha pensato alla tua salute e a quella dei tuoi familiari. Grazie a Carta Salute e Carta Salute Famiglia potrai eseguire esami diagnostici e/o visite specialistiche per te e per i tuoi familiari a tariffe agevolate e usufruire di speciali With the Health Card and the Family Health Card you can have diagnostic exams or visits with a specialist at favourable rates and benefit from special discounts on many services at our clinic.

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Health card advantages

Subscription to the Health Card gives you access to one of the following services of your choice:

- An ultrasound check-up (abdomen, neck, breast) or a cardiology check-up (cardiology visit or an EKG)
- Up to a 20% discount on an articular (joint) MRI exam, cervical MRI or a lumbosacral MRI.
- Up to 10% discount on all specialist visits and services of the center.

The subscription costs 100 euro.

The Health Card is valid for up to one year after the date of subscription.

Family health card advantages

Subscription to the Family Health Card gives you access to the following services:

- Your choosing of two ultrasound exams from the list below
- Internal ultrasound of at most two different parts of the body (ex. abdomen and thyroid).
For every additional scan beyond the two included there is a cost of 20 euro.
- Articular (joint) ultrasound of one segment
- Two specialist visits of your choosing.
- A discount of up to %20 percent on all articular (joint), cervical and lumbosacral MRIs.
- A discount of 10% on all services provided by our office.

Up to four family members listed on the card at the moment of subscription can take advantage of the Family Health Card. The beneficiaries do not have to necessarily coincide with the definition of a nuclear family from a fiscal point of view.
We would like to clarify that only children above the age of 10 can take advantage of our ultrasound services and only children older than 14 can take advantage of a specialist visit.

The Family Health Card costs 400 euro that must be paid at the moment of subscription and only with payment will the subscriber have access to the four services included in the card.
Other services in addition to the ones described above must be paid at the moment the service is provided by the clinic according to the rules and regulations regarding discounts as described in the offer.

The Family Health Card is valid for two years after the date of subscription.