At the centre of your health

Technos Medica is a clinic that delivers high quality performance in the diagnostic
field. (MRI’s, Ultrasounds, Postural Imaging and Dental Radiology.

Through our clinic it is possible to book visits with our specialists, experts in various medical fields. We are always looking out for more medical professionals to join our team.

A specialized clinic

A step forward to offer an even better service

In November 2013 Technos Medica received the authorization to practice as a private clinic, giving us the chance to expand the choice of medical specialists offered to our clients.
This guarantees that our services will be even more attentive, guiding our patients from diagnosis to therapy.


For you and your family

Technos Medica cares about your health and the health of your family. Thanks to the Health Card and the Family Health Card you can book diagnostic exams and visits with specialists for you and your family at favorable rates, and take advantage of many special discounts on many services at our clinic.