Dottor Marco Patacchini

Specialist in Orthopedics and Sports Traumatology

“Sports Traumatology”, actually does not exist as a proven medical specialization. What does exist is “Orthopedics and Traumatology” as well as “Sports Medicine”.

“Sports Traumatology” can then be considered a “new specialization” that a traumatologist, passionate about sports, decides to pursue and examine in depth, down to the last detail.

What do a professional athlete and an amateur athlete have in common? The passion for sports and the desire to have fun while playing.

What is the difference between a professional athlete and an amateur athlete? The training, experience and mentality of the athlete.

The prevalence and consequences of sports injuries vary widely depending on the sports that the athlete participates in.

A doctor who specializes in “Sports Traumatology” has to know well the difference between the many types of sports in order to arrange patients into their respective groups, as to quickly offer a precise diagnosis. This is indispensable in order to organize a rapid and effective program of recovery, whether it might be surgical or rehabilitative.

I have created this section in order share with everyone my profound passion for medicine and for sports, with the hope that it can be useful to all athletes, whether they are professionals or simply passionate about soprts.

Dr. Marco Patacchini.
National Doctor for Italian Rugby 2004-2009
Health Director Technos Medica srl